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As a company committed to fostering feminine brands through thought leadership movements, we value diversity, creativity, and the empowerment of our team members. At Brander's Brand, you'll have the opportunity to work alongside industry leaders who are reshaping the media landscape and championing matriarchal policies.

If you're passionate about making a meaningful impact and are eager to contribute your unique talents, we invite you to explore the rewarding career opportunities that await you here. Join us in shaping the future of branding and media with Brander's Brand.



As the inaugural official hire at our company, you will serve as our invaluable right hand, providing essential support across diverse sectors. Your role will encompass media monitoring to identify timely topics in our clients' industries, short-form video editing, caption writing, content scheduling, and engaging blog writing. This part-time position in Toronto involves two 5-hour, in-person shifts per week. Starting with 10 hours weekly for the first month and increasing to 15 hours from the second month, the role will then transition into a hybrid position.

Our new team member will take over the following responsibilities:

  • Content Creation: Collaborate with our social media manager to create content for our clients across the cannabis, real estate, and event industries.

  • Social Media Management: Assist in the management of metrics, content scheduling, content curation, and community engagement.

  • Short Form Video Editing: Edit short-form video content for our clients across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube shorts, etc.

  • Photoshoot Coordination: Support the logistics of our branding shoots through props sorting, talent acquisition and ideation.

  • Email Marketing: Support the creation of our client's weekly newsletters and product launches.

  • Graphic Design: Collaborate with the branding team and additional contractors to develop eye-catching branding & print materials.

The perfect candidate will:

  • Have a degree in communications, marketing, public relations, or related field.

  • Experience with social media platforms and content creation tools such as Canva, InShot, CapCut, the Adobe Creative Suite, or similar tools.  

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Knowledge of SEO best practices and keyword optimization techniques.

  • Experience with Google Analytics or similar tools to analyze content performance.

  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.

Please note that this is a hybrid, part-time position with an hourly compensation of $17 - $20. 

Please apply by email to



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